Tim Holtz Precision Craft Trimmer - 3961E

Tim Holtz Precision Craft Trimmer

Experience superior trimming and scoring with the Tim Holtz 12.5 inch Precision Trimmer. This cutting tool offers precision and speed with an array of features. Make precise and even cuts or create clean scores with ease.

The trimmer contains 2 black cutting blades and 1 grey scoring blade, enabling you to cut and score paper up to 12 1/2"The blade track has a spring-lift feature and features imperial and metric measurements. A 1/4" grid on the trimmer's base displays standard card sizes, and extendable rulers can be folded away for storage and extended to 12 inches.

Insert card stock and paper under trimmer's spring-lift blade track. Align the edge of the paper with the top or bottom of the trimmer and apply pressure to the blade track to engage. Slide the blade along the track for a precise, clean cut or score. Features include a 6" central ruler with measurements in inches and metric, an extendable ruler up to 12", with an easy-to-store foldable design, and a 1/4" measuring grid surface with size markings.

Extra blades (3964e) and spare scoring blades (3965e) are available separately.

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Tim Holtz® is a registered trademark of Tim Holtz LLC.

Made in China.


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