Dylusions Paint Pens - DYD50902

Dylusions Paint Pen

Doodle your way through your art journal like Dyan does! Delusions fine point Paint Pens are designed for journaling, writing and doodling on most surfaces.

Pens come pre-filled: one with Black Marble, one with White Linen.

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Two pens per pack.

Customer Reviews

These pens did not work for me at all Review by Barbara
I've been looking for some nice opaque paint pens to write on a dark background, but these did not work for me at all. It took forever to get any paint to flow, and when it did, it didn't come through the nib with any kind of consistency. I was having to stop and start after every couple of letters, and after a few words the white pen stopped altogether. I started with gentle shaking and pressure, got increasingly more aggressive, but nothing I did could induce paint to flow again. A total waste of money. (Posted on 4/9/2020)
Love them! Review by Cathy
I love these pens! It did take a little bit of shaking to get the pens to activate. Be patient. If they dry out a bit when using them or in between just use a baby wipe and it will wipe off the dry part. (Posted on 8/16/2016)
nice pens Review by Kimberly
I love these pens. They worked right out of the package. They do take a little coaxing to get going but once they work, they work! Not too much paint comes out, they don't take forever to dry on your project and they make a nice uniform line. My ONLY gripe I have is they do tend to be temperamental in that (and it's mainly the black pen) they will work and suddenly stop. I don't know if they 'dry out' while in use but I drag the tip through a little water and that usually gets it going again. (Posted on 5/11/2016)

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